Truline RV Tackles “RV Buddies GMC Project RV”

About a year ago, Truline RV and RV Buddies began discussing a project that would be difficult, crazy and a lot of fun all at the same time. While the RV Buddies website is showing progress in a chronological order, the coach has actually been here in Spokane undergoing a lot of work. When it arrived, many openings were taped up as it braved the snow and rain on its journey.

Upon arrival, we first set upon some serious clean-up. While demolition had occurred, there were several thousand staples and nails left behind that had to be removed. After cleaning things up thoroughly, we brought in our body guy who asked us if it was an RV or a colander for draining spaghetti. Yes, the roof was filled with holes from various options drilled in over its 35 year history. After patching the worst offenders, we scanned, measured and entered the data into our 3D imaging system.

It’s going to be a long project – but one that will prove to be show piece and a great source of pride. In this one shot you can see the new sub-floor. There’s a lot more – but we leave you with that as a tease for things to come…

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