Flat Screen TV Upgrades

Unless you have been dry-camping in the wilderness for the last few years, you will have been seduced by the glorious picture and light-weight flat screen HDTVs that have come on the market.

At Truline RV, we have a passion for electronics and have installed many flat-screens in RVs that have old tube CRT type television sets.

RV Repair Spokane Flatscreen

Besides removing a dangerous and heavy out-dated set, you get the beauty of a larger screen in full HDTV.

Truline RV will remove your old set and build out your cabinetry to match the factory decor so when we’re finished you will think that HDTV came as original equipment.

What’s more, we can update the other electronics as well: video switcher, antenna, satellite dish etc. We can make the system as simple as you like. And if you want – the skies the limit. Truline RV has installed some very high-end audio-video systems for very discriminating professionals in the entertainment industry. So let your imagination go. Don’t trade your RV just because it has an old TV, let Truline RV make it better than a new coach with the latest technology,

CLICK HERE to see some examples of our Flat Screen TV Upgrades.