Collision Repair

Sometimes things happen. The most important thing is that you are safe after an accident. After which, it’s Truline RV that will get your coach back on the road and as good as new.

Collision repair can be very complex in an RV . There may be damage you can’t see. Wires that got severed. Propane lines that got crimped. A frame that is out of alignment.

RV Repair Spokane Collision

At Truline RV, we can handle all aspects of collision repair, top to bottom front to back, and color match any paint job or graphics – but we’re equally committed to making sure that what you don’t see is just as beautiful as what you do see. After a collision, you want to know when you are driving down the road that your coach is safe and sound. At Truline RV that’s just what we do.

CLICK HERE to see some examples of our Collision Repair work.