RVIA master certified Technician

RVIA Master certifiedrv repair master certified

Truline RV is proud to announce the addition of an RVIA Master certified technician to our talented crew. Truline RV has experienced steady growth since we opened our doors. We have always had a highly skilled and dedicated team which is the main contributing factor to our rapid growth. Year after year our customer base expands significantly and the need for a highly skilled RV technician has been rising. The custom work and remodel side of Truline RV has brought so many new customers we have had a hard time keeping up. The company as a whole agreed there is no way we would compromise our quality standards just to be able to push more work through our doors. It was clear we had to find another team member that would fit into our program and produce high quality work on the RV repair and service side of Truline RV. It took a while to find the right guy who not only met our criteria but also held an RVIA master technician certification. With the latest addition to our team we can now provide the same quality of work but, in a much quicker time frame. rv repair master certified

    About Truline RV
    Truline RV is a family owned company located in Spokane, Washington. The company was founded on the idea that the RV community needed a quality option where craftsmanship was still a part of the work ethic when it came to RV repairs, custom work and remodeling.