Side Wall and Structural

Monaco Diplomat

This Monaco coach had a broken trap beneath the shower leaking water over a long period of time. The water leak was almost impossible to catch as it was below the tile and wicking throughout the coach floor. The tile was removed along with the sub flooring to allow repairs to be made. The rotten floor was cut back to solid wood and repaired. With the coach already being torn down to this point the owners decided to get rid of all the tile go with wood flooring.

Travel Trailer Chassis

Yes, we have this entire Trailer body lifted off the chassis. Both the chassis and floor structure were in need of repairs. Once we separated the body from the chassis we made the necessary frame repairs and replaced the entire floor structure. This type of operation has even our crew sweating just a little bit, we do these two or three times a year and as you can imagine it is a tricky job.

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