Custom Work

Miscellaneous Custom Work



This gallery has a few miscellaneous custom products built for our customers. If you have an idea for your coach please feel free to contact us anytime to explore the possibilities of making your coach unique to you. 



Craftsmen Level Quality Is Our Obsession



American Coach Residential Refrigerator 

Residential Refrigerator installed in an American Coach. This very nice and functional modification was done to increase the food storage capacity for full-timers. Along with the custom cabinetry and wiring changes a larger Magnum Inverter and 1200 Ahr AGM battery bank was installed to keep this unit running when away from shore power. A large percentage of our custom jobs are accepted and estimated through e-mail sight un-seen. Our customers are traveling great distances for highly technical and difficult modifications. During many e-mails between Truline and the RV savvy owners of this coach most of the technical and product decisions were able to be made prior to the trip to our shop. This minimizes time in the shop and disruption of your lifestyle.



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