Customer Comments

Thom and Keril | American Eagle Residential Refrigerator Install

We love our refrigerator and think of you every day as we use it and grin with all the room we have.

Your professionalism was greatly appreciated. We share our story and your work ethic with our RV friends regularly.

Your friends,
Thom and Keril

RV Buddies | GMC Rebuild

“When RV Buddies first became aware of Truline RV, we knew that we had stumbled upon a very special shop. Chad and his crew are passionate about their work – to the extreme. Our GMC project is about as extreme as you get. Truline is essentially building a new RV in the process. Upon visiting their shop it became clear from the spotless floor and tool boxes that looked more like surgical trays that we had found the right place for the job.” Mark Summers, Producer, RV Buddies

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